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PHOTOS: For Haitians in U.S., the road to refuge runs straight to Canada — and arrest

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Largest Rolling Lighting Case Named Professional Photographer Magazine 2017 "Hot Ones"

Largest Rolling Lighting Case 

Named Professional Photographer Magazine 2017
"Hot Ones"

Production Manager 50

Think Tank Photo's Production Manager 50 rolling lighting case was just given a 2017 "Hot Ones" designation by
Professional Photographer Magazine.

In honoring the case, they wrote: "We know you have enough on your plate and too much in your inbox, so this year's Hot Ones buyers guide focuses on innovative products."
ppmag hot-ones-2017The Production Manager 50 rolling case holds an immense amount of gear, including lighting equipment and large light modifiers. With this roller, one photographer can transport what it used to require at least two assistants. It is easy to move, carry, work out of, and stack among other gear.
This large rolling case features shock-absorbing wheels that roll smoothly and hold up under the toughest conditions. An included lock and cable provide the ability to lock the main compartment and secure the case to a solid object. And, a fully customizable interior includes dividers to protect both small and large lighting equipment, including C-stands and large modifiers.
The Production Manager 50 stores and transports all types of gear to and from location.
Fully customizable interior includes a variety of dividers to protect small and large lighting equipment, including C-stands and large modifiers.
Large interior mesh pockets for organizing your pocket wizards, gels, cords, tape, batteries, and other accessories.
The Production Manager 50 is the most efficient way to safely transport a large amount of equipment. Professionals will appreciate the robust design of this large roller with room for C-stands, multiple flash heads, power packs, monoblocks, softboxes, and light-stands.
Large front zippered pocket for reflectors, umbrellas, extension cords, cables, etc.
Attachments for light stands or tripods on both sides (straps included).
Additional Features
  • Rigid shell and stiffened dividers ensures gear protection
  • Robust handles on four sides for easy loading and unloading by two people
  • Heavy-duty aluminum side-frame protects axle from impact
  • ID plate can be registered on the Think Tank website that may enable a lost or stolen bag to be returned
  • YKK RC Fuse zippers, 1680D ballistic nylon, and super-stick velex (interior) contribute to one of the most robust products on the market
  • And more!

Check Out the Think Tank Pro Team

Beginner Photography Workshop By Robert Sullivan with special guest: Miami Herald’s Al Diaz

  • Learn photography basics
  • Learn to use your camera in settings other than AUTO or SCENE MODE
  • Get introduced to advanced concepts and techniques to learn later

New photographers often don’t even know what they don’t know and are at a loss as to where to start. As with most photographers, Robert experienced this issue and spent money on the wrong equipment and software. He remembers, well, wanting to get off to a running start but not knowing which were the best choices or even what the options were. He knows how to get new photographers past this frustrating information hurdle and will do so in this workshop.
The intent of this workshop is to jumpstart the learning process for newer photographers by showing them how to get off of their automatic and/or scene settings. By the end of this workshop, attendees will know how to take control of their camera settings and intelligently capture scenes as they want to instead of how their camera thinks the scene should be captured. Attendees will learn basic photography fundamentals and they will be introduced to advanced techniques that they can look forward to exploring in future workshops (this will be the first in a series of workshops).
Recounting the stories behind many of his photographs and using them as examples, Robert will teach the basics of photography and illustrate photographic fundamentals, techniques, and rules (as well as when to break those rules). He will detail his workflow to include planning his shot (or entire photography trip), how to evaluate a scene considering many variables, what settings he uses, how to capture the scene, how he sometimes shoots tethered to his laptop computer, and how he post-processes his images to include his choice of software and why. He will have, on display, much of his photography gear such as cameras and lenses, external speedlights and remote triggers, studio flashes and light modifiers, equipment for macro photography such as extension tubes, as well as other gadgets that you may or may not have heard of such as the Camranger. While he will be following a general outline, he strongly encourages attendees to come with their questions and make this workshop, very much, a discussion to help them become better photographers. This is your chance to ask the questions that you haven’t yet had the opportunity to ask and delve into topics that you have wondered about.
This will be an information packed presentation which will be followed by an opportunity to break out into smaller groups so that brand specific settings can be discussed in detail. Robert will cover Nikon and Al Diaz of the Miami Herald will cover Canon. If a prospective attendee shoots another brand, please contact Robert Sullivan at as soon as possible so that he can arrange to have someone knowledgeable in that brand on hand to lead that group.
This will be a workshop packed with an incredible amount of information: at first to teach the fundamentals, and then to introduce you to advanced techniques and concepts for you to explore in the future. Here are some of the points that Robert will cover:

  • What exactly is photography?
  • The only three factors necessary for a proper exposure (Only three?  Well, that simplifies things!)
  • How those three factors relate to each other
  • The effects throughout the range of each of those three factors and their pros and cons
  • The benefits to taking your camera off of automatic mode
  • How to purposefully and intelligently create the image you want instead of hoping your camera does it for you
  • Why he shoots in aperture priority 90% of the time
  • The "rules of photography" and when to break them
  • Composition tips for different types of photography
  • When to shoot wide angle and up close, and when to shoot telephoto from far away (either way, the frame can be filled with your subject, but the differences are huge!)
  • What he uses:  He will have his equipment on hand and explain what it is, why he uses it, and the purpose for each
  • What equipment you should upgrade first
  • How he evaluates a scene and the steps he takes to capture it
  • His workflow from image capture, through processing, to printing
  • Lightroom or Photoshop?  He'll explain why one is, hands down, his preference
  • What is a Plugin?  Hint: It's not an air freshener but it can speed up your post processing
  • What lies ahead for you as you learn more about how to create excellent imagery?
Cost: Free with Kendall Camera Club membership. Only $10 for non-members, to benefit Kendall Camera Club, and which may be applied toward a KCC membership at the workshop or at the first general membership meeting following the workshop.

Evelyn Greer Park
8200 SW 124th St, Miami, FL 33156 
August 05, 2017 10:00 am until 1:00 pm

View Robert Sullivan’s website here:
View Al Diaz's work here: Al Diaz Profile

Monday, July 31, 2017

Dade Heritage Trust: TREES a Photography Contest, Deadline September 1, 2017

Dade Heritage Trust, Million Tress Miami and TREEmendous  Miami are co- presenting TREES, a photography contest which requires participants to capture images of Miami’s great remaining urban trees.  

Contest Submission Deadline September 1, 2017 
Exhibition Opening October 5, 2017

Miami, a place where things grow year round, has one of the lowest percentages of tree canopies of any major American city. TREES will serve to promote awareness the beauty, function and importance of a healthy tree canopy.

Photographers must capture images of Miami’s urban trees. Miami’s urban parking lots, vacant lots, sites and urban parks and neighborhoods are home to some magnificent trees that are quickly disappearing due to development and transportation demands.  This contest will drive awareness of the importance of these trees to a healthful, happy and beautiful Miami. Registration fee is $35 to cover cost of printing for exhibit
For more information, click Trees Photo Contest Entry Form for registration form.

There will be cash prizes and photography product prizes. 
Complimentary opening reception with food and beverages!

The TREES exhibit and contest is hosted by Dade Heritage Trust,
located at 190 SE 12 Terrace, Miami.

Sponsored by Tropical Treescapes, Inc, TREEmendous Miami
 Leica Camera and Miami Photo Workshops

Thursday, July 27, 2017

3 LEGGED THING launch new Universal L Bracket - QR11

British Tripod brand, 3 Legged Thing is launching its new Universal L Bracket. The QR11-LC and QR11-LG are the result of six months of research and development, offering universal compatibility, accessory attachment and flat storage.

The new QR11 comes with triangular pads, designed to tessellate and provide as much surface contact as possible on the baseplate, which translates to more grip and a more secure connection. The base itself is the optimal length for most cameras, enabling more compatibility and better access to cable sockets. It features a quarter-inch threaded hole on the upright, for attaching other accessories, and a strap connector on both aspects. 
“I really wanted to produce something cross-compatible with as many cameras as I could. I wanted to make something that is more than just an L-Bracket. Our Mission at 3 Legged Thing has always been to add as much value through innovation as we can to our products, and the QR11 is no exception,” said 3 Legged Thing’s Founder and Chief Executive, Danny Lenihan.
“I also wanted to produce something that was affordable,”said Lenihan. “So many L Brackets are upwards of $150 to $200, which is a lot of money for a student or any photographer, really. It’s important that we are as inclusive as we can be, so that photography enthusiasts, on smaller budgets, can still have the opportunity to use an L Bracket. At $49.99, I think we’ve achieved that.”
The QR11 also has another neat trick – it can be disassembled in seconds, using the included multi-tool (3LT-TOOLZ) and stored flat, making it easier to transport and stow. It also comes in two colour options: Equinox Copper and Eclipse Grey, to suit your style.
Check out the brand new QR11 Universal L Bracket from 3 Legged Thing

What's the story?

When we launched our first L Bracket, the QR10-L, a little under a year ago, we had no idea that it would soon become the number 1 selling universal L Bracket around the world. As soon as this became apparent, we put our heads together to see if we could create a product with an even wider scope of compatibility, with more access to battery and cables doors.

“I really wanted to produce something cross-compatible with as many cameras as I could. I wanted to make something that is more than just an L-Bracket. Our Mission at 3 Legged Thing has always been to add as much value in innovation as we can to our products, and the QR11 is no exception,” - 3 Legged Thing’s Founder and Chief Executive, Danny Lenihan.


So, what's so innovative?

There are a number of innovations and design elements that make this one of the most desirable pieces of hardware on the market.
  1. Sling strap compatibility - BlackRapid and other sling straps can now attach to the upright aspect via the 1/4" mount, enabling normal use on both sides without having to remove the strap
  2. Accessory attachments - The same 1/4" mount can be used for any number of accessories, including magic arms, microphones, cold-shoe adapters, action cams etc
  3. Strap connectors at both ends - Will house any strap, including Peak Design anchors and connectors
  4. Disassembles for flat storage - using the included multi-tool, you can take it apart, and slip it into the smallest crevice
  5. Longer than other universal solutions - fits more cameras and is more easily adjusted to enable access to battery and cable doors
  6. New, tessellated triangular grips - provide much stronger surface cohesion, for better grip and stability