Saturday, December 24, 2011

Miami Heat Media Day

The Miami Herald's Heat Season Preview dropped at all our doorsteps 
this morning as the big three begin their second NBA season together.
By Al Diaz
For the special section I figured I would stack up the three kings, Chris Bosh, the tallest at 6'11", LeBron James at 6'8" and the shortest, Dwyane "Flash" Wade at 6'4". No problem until page designer Robert Cohen said we need to have Wade above the fold. Good thing I have a set of wooden boxes in varying heights. The tallest for Wade.

Zander Brant assisted me setting up a Norman beauty dish as the main light source. Two Dynalight heads with grid spots and red color gel to illuminate the backdrop and a rim light. After setting up I scanned the room for stand in models. At first no one looked the part averaging 5'2". I finally recruited AP photographer Wilfredo "Wade" Lee, Reuter's Joe "LeBron" Skipper and the tallest of the three, Hans "Bosh" Deryk. 

Chuck Fadely came up with the idea of drawing a little birdie as a point of reference for the three to look at. We hung it on an extended c-stand.

The whole event was so much more subdued than last years frenzy of media. The players were much more relaxed and although I had just a minute and a half to shoot all three kings together I got what I needed with a little help from friends.
Wilfredo Lee, Joe Skipper and Hans Deryk play the part of NBA all stars!
Joe Cavaretta did not make the cut.
Assistant Zander Brant feathers the light.
Joe Cavaretta using something other than Think Tank Photo bags, I'll convert him.

At left is Chuck Fadely, David Santiago, center, and Zander Brant, at bottom.

By Jospeh Goodman
One perspective: The Miami Heat is the defending Eastern Conference champion. Success. Another perspective: The Heat collapsed in The Finals. Failure. One perspective: The city of Miami cherishes this team. Love. Another perspective: The rest of the world loathes this team. Hate. One perspective: For nearly an entire season, LeBron James thrived amid scrutiny that would have driven a lesser man mad. Strength. Another perspective: In The Finals, James imploded under pressure like a sinking submarine. Weakness. One perspective: The lockout was pointless. Fact. Another perspective: It was extremely necessary. Fiction. One perspective: All of this is true. Another perspective: What is truth? For most, truth is the absence of doubt. For the Heat, it’s a matter of perspective. SO BEGINS YEAR 2 OF THE BIG 3. Read more here:

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  1. Nice image. Hope the team does well. I see Mr. James still getting ragged on for making a choice as to what is best for him. I hope he gets his Title and has a great year as the team works out its kinks and fine tunes for another year.

    Keep shooting and have a great time courtside.