Sunday, December 18, 2011

New urban phrase "Klink"

My friend Bill Cooke informed me that I had a broken link for the Think Tank Photo contest info on my blog. I fixed it. In the process my wife Cindy and I coined a new urban phrase! "Klink". A "Klink" is a "link" that does not work. As in Colonel Klink from the TV show Hogan's Heros. Klink couldn't do anything right.

Thank me later.

This could be your best holidays ever!  For 20 days I've been following the
Think Tank Photo "In a Bag" contest. The crazy folks there are giving away thousands of dollars worth of free photography gear including the creme de la creme of all rolling camera bags, the Think Tank Photo Airport SecurityV2.0 

Only two days left!!!!!

Below is a partial list of all the product they are giving away. It's an amazing amount of gear. I wonder if I can get prescription lenses on those Oakley sunglasses.

SmugMug Pro Account and printing to the value of $150.00
dPS eBook Suite and limited edition Think Tank Photo USB key
$50.00 Starbucks gift card & a crate of Coca Cola
$500.00 Adorama gift certificate
Nikon AW 100
orbis® ringflash and orbis® arm
A set of Harold Davis books
Two G-Technology G-Drives
40GB of Lexar memory cards in a custom Pixel Pocket Rocket
RĂ˜DE Videomic Pro & a Deadcat WindSheild
Lighting modifiers from Westcott
A Lensbaby Composer
Zenfolio Premium Business Account
3LeggedThing “Jack”
HoodmanUSA Loupe 3.0 & Lens Cleanse Kits
Trade Secret Cards “Chase Jarvis Portrait Sessions”
frio™ coldshoe
Capture by Peak Design
Oakley Sunglasses
3 Legged Thing have dropped a X4 Eric
Tether Tools “The Wallee" Connect Kit
Ninja 4 Channel Wireless Flash Triggers
Plus much more!