Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Al’s Think Tank Photo Pirate’s Booty Halloween Contest!

Self portrait using the ioShutter Canon Mark IV camera control from my iPhone while my Canon flash is mounted on a frio hotshoe mount. (NOTE: If all you see is this photo please update your Safari or try a different browser to see contest rules.)
By Al Diaz
Pullin’ into me driveway, I find pirates at the front door! A fine way for the little ones to welcome me to port and get me startin’ on another one of me wife’s crazy adventures. Stepping out of me land lubbers mode of transportation me shipmates quickly inform me that it’s Talk Like a Pirate Day and those who dress in full pirate regalia get a dozen free Donuts at Krispy Kreme!

The scoundrels pull out a pirate’s coat, captain’s hat and eye patch, which I’m forced to put on at the point of a plastic sword.  Embark we must, for a bounty of sugary substance.

Once there, me saucy wench plunders four-dozen “Hot Now” donuts. At once me crew be sailin’ fer homeport.

While on the high seas me first mate asks “Aarrr! What’s going on with this year’s Halloween contest on ye blog me hearty?”

Alas mateys, it be time fer Al’s Think Tank Photo Pirate’s Booty Halloween Contest!

This year’s treasure chest is over-flowing with prizes from Think Tank Photo, Costa Sunglasses and EnlightPhoto while we be spicin’ it up with Don Juan’s Argentinian Steak Sauce plus their trio of new flavors.

Yo ho ho me scurvy dogs, there be ONE rule in this here photography contest, submit a photographic self-portrait of ye in any kind of Halloween costume that suits ye fancy. Judged the winner and ye be the one to plunder the bounty.

Image Specifications: All images must be JPEG files, in RGB mode, measure no more than 600 pixels wide, or 450 pixels deep at 100 dpi. ( I changed the specifications on the measurements to allow for more options.)

Deadline to enter is the witching hour--midnight on Sunday October 28, 2012.
Shipping is free within the Continental US.
Email your entry to: aldiaz305@aol.com

First place wins:
·     Costa Sunglasses

The Diaz family plunders four-dozen “Hot Now” donuts at Krispy Kreme