Monday, February 6, 2012

U Pick 'em Think Tank Photo Contest Winners Picked!

Photos by Cindy Seip

Valentine cupid Angelika makes a splash to announce the winners of the U Pick ‘em Think Tank Photo Contest. Julian Jenkins wins first place and Logan Mock-Bunting wins second.
Jenkins wins the Think Tank Photo Urban Disguise® 35 V2.0 and the Black Rapid RS-7s camera strap. Mock-Bunting takes home the Think Tank Photo Hydrophobia® Flash 70-200.

“It was fast. It was frenetic. And it was ferocious” That’s how Miami Herald Sports writer Susan Miller Degnan described the game as West Virginia routed Clemson at the Orange Bowl, 70-33.

That describes how I edit when the kick off is way beyond 8pm. There is not much time to do any less. My heart raced with excitement as I shot the sequence unfolding before me. It’s that adrenaline rush that makes shooting sports amazing.

The image of frame #1 was already picked out in my mind as I ran outside the stadium to reach our cramped photo trailer to transmit on deadline. By the time I saw the sequence I had doubts. I still chose #1. The next day, I looked at the same set of images again and chose #3 but #2 sure looks damn good!

Here is a rough count as you picked them. Frame #1 total votes 51. Frame #2 total votes 31. Frame #3 total votes 88. Thanks for playing.

Contest winners were selected at random using the True Random Number Generator on Random.OrgCongratulations to the winners and please support our 
sponsors Think Tank Photo and Black Rapid!