Thursday, November 20, 2014

PHOTO EXHIBIT: Urban Arts at KROMA Art Space

Tonight is the opening of Urban Arts Curated by Carl Juste in association with 
Barbara Gillman and Bernice Steinbaum Gallery
7p.m on November 20th at KROMA, 3670 Grand Avenue, Miami,
FL 33133.  On view November 20, 2014 through January 15, 2015

Coinciding with Art Basel Miami, Urban Arts will make its gallery debut at 
KROMA art space in Coconut Grove, Miami, FL 
with an exhibition that examines the tussle and lure of the urban landscape.

Urban Arts represents a synthesis of cultures, clashing and melding to form a
new aesthetic defined by circumstance and molded by necessity. The concentration
of artistic expressions in contemporary metropolitan areas is not the result of
chance, but rather the product of compelled circumstance.

The exhibition highlights this aesthetic, featuring the innovative process of
indigenous art forms transformed into narratives that define collective

experiences of contemporary artists of color.

iWitness - Paul Bronstein 

Big Picture - John Vanbeekum

iWitness - Linsey Addario
Havana and Haiti - CW Griffin
Big Picture - Al Diaz