Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Cuba: The Natural Beauty by Clyde Butcher

The Center for Visual Communication presents Florida Photographer Clyde Butcher with a lecture and opening reception for his work, Cuba: The Natural Beauty, on Thursday, March 8 at 541 NW 27 St, Miami, FL 33127.
Clyde Butcher, Salto el Rocio, Gelatin Silver Photograph, 70"x50"
Clyde Butcher, Bello Palmar, Gelatin Silver Photograph, 20"x24
Clyde Butcher's large scale photographs of Cuba, which celebrate the inspiring beauty of Cuba's enchanted and varied landscape.

Butcher's expedition to Cuba took him to places not seen by visitors in over fifty years. He followed in the footsteps of Christopher Columbus, who discovered Cuba during his first voyage to the New World in 1492. From mountain waterfalls to lush green jungles, from grassy swamps to sandy beaches Butcher's photographs reveal the seductive beauty, subtle grandeur and majesty of this diverse island.

Departing from Florida, where he has earned a reputation as Florida's preeminent landscape artist, and a staunch supporter of the environment, Butcher invites us to experience the dramatic natural environments of Cuba, still pristine as they were when traversed by Columbus and his men centuries ago. With unparalled access to all parts of the island through a program of the United Nations, Butcher shows us rarely seen places as well as familiar vistas presented with new drama that infuses his large black and white photographs.

For five decades Butcher has used large format view cameras similar to those used by Jackson, O'Sullivan, and Watkins - the men who accompanied explorers of the New World. Over 150 years ago they sent home astounding images that whet our appetite to experience these places ourselves. Butcher, with his heightened sense of drama, gives us just such images today - images that let us see these places as if for the first time, with an intensity that often escapes the casual visitor.

Butcher's photographs seem larger than life, like the artist himself, and compel us to step into the places he depicts. His unique talent is that he sees and feels vistas that sing the spirit of place. His large scale photographs are permanently on view in many of our public buildings including the State Capitol, airports and museums. His books and prints can be found in the homes and offices of some of our most influential decision makers from legislators to corporate chairmen. Numerous museums around the country and the world have presented solo exhibitions of his work.

Butcher's photographs are imbued with the spirit of unfettered possibilities - a poignant spirit that continues to beckon and challenge new generations of Cuban people on the island and across the world. We are pleased to invite you to share this spirit through Butcher's vision.

The gallery expects a capacity crowd and encourage you to reserve early. 

Exhibition continues through
May 8, 2012. Gallery Hours:
Monday - Friday 10am - 5:30pm
541 NW 27 St, Miami, FL 33127