Tuesday, September 16, 2014

THINK TANK PHOTO & MINDSHIFT: New Products Announced, Plus More


Our newly released Production Manager 40 is the most convenient way to safely transport a large amount of lighting equipment. You will appreciate the superior design of this large roller with room for multiple flash heads, power packs, monoblocks, softboxes, and a light-stand. Many configurations can be set up with the removable no-scratch Velex divider system.

Production Manager 40 gear layout 1The Production Manager 40 features a spacious gusseted front pocket that fits reflectors, umbrellas, cables and more. You can roll into your next production fully equipped and secure with added features like the integrated cable and lock, lockable zippers, and wide set wheels that minimize tipping. It also has reinforced honeycomb panels wrapped in ballistic nylon with full-length exterior slide rails for protection in transport.

  • Stores and transports all types of gear on location with wide set wheel base.
  • Lock and cable secures the main compartment and the bag.
  • Attachments for light-stands or tripods on both sides (straps included).
  • Large front zippered pocket for reflectors, umbrellas, cables, and more.

Production Manager 40 gear layout 2ADDITIONAL FEATURES
  • Multiple sizes of Velex wrapped dividers for endless configuration options.
  • Rigid shell and reinforced Velex dividers ensure optimum gear protection.
  • Robust handles on three sides, rear slide rails, and custom-wheel housings for easy loading and unloading.
  • Replaceable, roller bearing wheels roll smoothly and quietly while holding up under the toughest conditions.
  • Large interior mesh pockets for organizing small accessories.
  • Adjustable, standing lid straps keep bag open and accessible.
  • Seam-sealed rain cover included.
Airport International Classic LE

This is to let you know we just announced at photokina that we will be releasing a limited edition version of our most popular rolling carry-on camera case, the Airport International LE Classic. Crafted with genuine, full-grain leather accents and panels, this classic version represents everything we are known for: premium quality, innovative design and long-lasting durability. Designed to complement our new Urban Disguise Classic shoulder bags series (described below), these two bags make a beautiful set of matching cases that meet international airline carry-on standards.

The Airport International™ LE Classic carry-on roller lets you legally store their bodies, lenses, and accessories in overhead bins or under the seats of international carriers. For added security, it features front-pocket and main compartment combination locks and a cable from a secret rear hatch that allow it to be secured to posts, trees, and other immovable objects.

Airport International accommodates up to a 500mm f/4 lens unattached, additional smaller lenses, and up to two gripped DSLR camera bodies and other photography accessories. TSA approved combination locks secure the main compartment zipper sliders.

Key Features
  • Limited Edition with full-grain leather accents and panels.
  • International and US carry-on size for most carriers.
  • TSA-approved combination zipper locks secure main compartment.
  • Two lock and cable systems: one to secure a laptop, keys, etc., one to secure the entire bag to a fixed object.
What Fits
  • Up to a 500mm f/4 lens unattached, additional smaller lenses and up to two gripped DSLR camera bodies.
  • A standard professional kit consisting of two standard or gripped camera bodies, multiple professional lenses, flashes and accessories.
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Urban Disguise Classic
We are releasing new editions of our flagship camera shoulder bag, the Urban Disguise Classic. The Urban Disguise Classic is crafted with genuine full-grain leather accents and panels. The travelers quick access bags are available in four sizes to suit  a variety of gear carrying needs. They are built to protect photographic equipment with enduring materials, including a padded compartment for a laptop.

The UD Classic features the professional good looks of a briefcase without calling attention to it obviously being a camera shoulder bag carrying expensive photographic equipment. The Classic features new design elements over its predecessors, including the wide-mouth camera compartment for unencumbered access. For greater convenience, the Urban Disguise Classic's pass-through strap fits any Airport International roller's handle for easy transport. When paired with the Airport International LE Classic, they work together as a high-end, coordinated set.

What Fits
  • Urban Disguise 35 Classic: 1 standard or gripped DSLR with lens attached, one additional lens, flash, tablet and up to a 13.3" laptop (with standard camera body only).
  • Urban Disguise 40 Classic: 1-2 standard DSLRs with lenses attached, plus 1-3 additional lenses, a tablet and up to a 13.3" laptop.
  • Urban Disguise 50 Classic: 1-2 gripped or standard DSLRs with lenses attached, plus 1-4 additional lenses, a tablet and up to a 15.4" laptop.
  • Urban Disguise 60 Classic: 1-2 gripped or standard DSLRs with lenses attached, plus 1-5 additional lenses, a tablet, and up to a 17" widescreen laptop.
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rotation180 TrailOur sister company, MindShift Gear, has announced it is releasing a smaller, lighter new backpack, the rotation180®Trail™ . With the rotation180ยบ Trail you can hike, mountain bike, ski, and birdwatch without breaking stride. In one swift motion, you can rotate the beltpack and grab your gear without disrupting your creative momentum. It fits any 1.5 liter or a 2 liter CamelBak water reservoir, a light jacket and an extra layer, binoculars, compass, trail books, maps and more. You can quietly capture wildlife in their natural habitat.
rotation180 Travel Away 
When traveling in unfamiliar places, it is very important to know where critical items are and to protect them from prying eyes. With the rotation180® Travel Away™ in one swift motion, you can rotate the concealed beltpack to the front for instantaneous and secure access to cameras, passports, guidebooks, tablets, or other travel essentials. No more being forced to stop in front of strangers and removing your backpack to gain access to essential travel items. The backpack also has dedicated pockets to conceal a 15" laptop and 10" tablet, while the beltpack can fit an 8" tablet.
John Moore on Ebola in Monrovia for 'About A Photograph' 
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14 top pro photographers answer your questions.
In Part 1 of the newest addition to our "Ask the Pros" column we asked our panel of 14 leading pro photographers these very questions. And, as always, their answers ran the gamut based upon their areas of specialization and unique personalities. For example, "We're not crunching numbers all day after all... never forget that it's about the journey and not necessarily the result." And, "If you can remember to keep moving, keep hovering, keep looking, that is when the special pictures seem to make themselves available."