Friday, November 7, 2014

WINNERS ANNOUNCED: Al’s Think Tank Photo Halloween Contest 2014

First Place Photo by Rick McCawley
For this year’s Al's Think Tank Photo Halloween Photo Contest a witches cauldron bubbled over with a treasure trove of prizes from ThinkTankPhotoPeak Design and 3 LeggedThing. The skeletal Grim Reaper moans and groans as he hurls the loot to first prize winner, Rick McCawley! His winning image caused the gang of gnarly judges too freak out at nightmarish proportions, which caused them all to unanimously pick his entry as the most ghastly image in the brew.
Second Place Photo by Will Dickey
With a sweeping stroke, the Grim Reaper slashed away at the rest of the entries with his scythe, leaving a path of destruction which includes the gruesome second place winner by Will Dickey of the Florida Times Union.

Third Place Photo by Wilfredo Lee
Total mayhem except for the momentary pause caused by the repulsive adorableness of Weegee the angel dog by third place winner Wilfredo Lee of the Associated Press. 

First Place Wins:
Think Tank Photo Retrospective50 in Blue Slate $249.75
Peak Design CapturePRO with PROpad $109.90

Second Place Wins:
Think Tank Photo CityWalker 20 in Blue $144.75
Peak Design Capture Camera Clip $59.95

Third Place Wins:
Think Tank Photo DigitalHolster 20 $69.75
Peak Design Leash and Cuff $49.95
Some of the other photos receiving votes by the judges are seen below.
The Judges:
Charles Trainor Jr.  Miami Herald
Emily Michot Miami Herald
Jose Iglesias El Nuevo Herald
Cindy Seip Photographer