Thursday, January 26, 2012

BlackRapid joins U Pick ‘em Contest!

Black Rapid joins U Pick ‘em Contest!
First place is now the Think Tank Photo Urban Disguise® 35 V2.0 and the Black Rapid RS-7s camera strap. With over 150 entries Think Tank Photo has offered for second place the Hydrophobia® Flash 70-200. If the blog hits 200 entries with comments TTP will toss in the Digital Holster™ 10 V2.0 for a third prize! So tweet, post, facebook it etc. to spread the word and increase your chances to win more prizes! Here is the link for rules to enter U Pick 'em contest.
Ron Henry with the RS-7 Sport
Founded in 2008, Black Rapid is a manufacturer of innovative and creative photography products including the wildly popular R-Strap. The company focuses heavily on responding to customer input to create the most comfortable and functional equipment.

After years of shooting the Seattle music scene, weddings, and other dynamic environments, Ron Henry had a flash of brilliance that would turn the camera world upside down. No more straps sliding off your shoulder. No more fumbling around, wasting time, or neckaches. Like a few of history’s most inspired inventions (the wheel, pre-grated cheese, the bug zapper, etc.), the concept is so simple it evaded everyone… until now. Your camera hangs upside down, ready to maneuver into position at a moment’s notice via a sliding ConnectR that allows the camera to move freely while the strap stays put. Like a true revolutionary, Ron shared the wealth (so to speak) and started BlackRapid Inc. to ease the pains of the people. In a class of its own, the R-Strap is here to stay.