Monday, June 3, 2013

About A Photograph: Saul Loeb

If you haven’t had a chance to do so yet visit  About A Photograph. There you will see a new free video series Think Tank Photo just launched that features award-winning photographers telling the stories behind an image that had great global impact.  

The early feedback has been quite heartwarming.  The series is being co-produced by Think Tank co-founders and award-winning photojournalists Kurt Rogers and Deanne Fitzmaurice

A Photograph explores the meaning, impact, and stories behind photographs that changed how we see the world. One photograph, no tricks. Visual storytelling at its essence. Enjoy! About A Photograph : Saul Loeb from ThinkTank Photo on Vimeo.

Not So Fast... NBA Eastern Conference Finals.

It has not been a fun Sunday flying on an air-o-plane back to Miami for “Manic Monday”!

If the Miami Heat pull through in game 7 watch for more of my images from the Magic City and the great State of Texas during the NBA Finals.

Here are a few of my selects from the last couple of games as the Miami Heat and the Indiana Pacers battle it out in the NBA Eastern Conference Finals. 

Click here for Miami Herald photo gallery of game action by
Charles Trainor Jr. and Al Diaz from game 6