Thursday, November 28, 2013

French Kiss - A Love Letter to Paris by Peter Turnley

It's Thanksgiving morning and my wife Cindy and I are preparing our share of today’s feast when I spot a bright slim square box in the corner of the family room. Curious, I pick up what turns out to be a hard-sided sleeve covering Peter Turnley’s book, "French Kiss - A Love Letter to Paris". What’s this, I ask in surprise.”You were not suppose to see that!” Cindy replies.  Well... looks like I’ll have to wait till Christmas to open the book but you don’t.
                                                                                             Al Diaz

"French Kiss - A Love Letter to Paris", is a tribute to many of the wonderful moments of romance, beauty, hope, and love that I have witnessed and been inspired by in Paris, my adopted home, over the past 40 years. I believe that photography is ultimately about sharing. I am excited to share, with the world, these moments of the heart that have touched my own, in this most beautiful city, Paris."
                                                                                      – Peter Turnley 

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