Thursday, November 28, 2013

French Kiss - A Love Letter to Paris by Peter Turnley

It's Thanksgiving morning and my wife Cindy and I are preparing our share of today’s feast when I spot a bright slim square box in the corner of the family room. Curious, I pick up what turns out to be a hard-sided sleeve covering Peter Turnley’s book, "French Kiss - A Love Letter to Paris". What’s this, I ask in surprise.”You were not suppose to see that!” Cindy replies.  Well... looks like I’ll have to wait till Christmas to open the book but you don’t.
                                                                                             Al Diaz

"French Kiss - A Love Letter to Paris", is a tribute to many of the wonderful moments of romance, beauty, hope, and love that I have witnessed and been inspired by in Paris, my adopted home, over the past 40 years. I believe that photography is ultimately about sharing. I am excited to share, with the world, these moments of the heart that have touched my own, in this most beautiful city, Paris."
                                                                                      – Peter Turnley 

Purchase French Kiss – A Love Letter to Paris

Friday, November 22, 2013

Think Tank Photo: Giveaway, Rebates, Free eGuide, Tips & More!

With the holidays right around the corner, there's plenty of exciting news to share. Let's go!
  • Black Friday Bonanza Starts Now. Score a $50 rebate on any rolling camera bag or a $100 rebate on any roller + any Urban Disguise.
  • Free eBook "The Photographer's Guide to Photo Contests" from our friends at PhotoShelter.
  • "My Favorite Mistake." New "About a Photograph™" video features Sports Illustratedphotographer Peter Read Miller.
  • Time to fly? Check out "Pack. Travel. Shoot. Traveling Tips from the Experts."
MacBook Pro®, is a registered trademarks of Apple Inc.

Introducing a retro-inspired alternative to conventional and obvious laptop cases for carrying expensive technical devices discreetly--Retrospective Laptop Bags. Inspired by the popularity of our inconspicuous Retrospective canvas shoulder bags, these new laptop bags are available in 13" and 15" sizes, three color options, and either sand-washed 100% premium cotton canvas or polyspun. 
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Free eGuide: "The Photographer's Guide to Photo Contests"
Courtesy of PhotoShelter

PhotoShelter's valuable eGuide uncovers the pros and cons of 25+ photo competitions worldwide, including insights on which are worth your time, and which to skip. Each competition is also awarded a grade, A-F, based on factors like entry fee, prizes and promised exposure, plus feedback from past winners. You can download it for free.

"My Favorite Mistake"
Featuring Sports Illustrated photographer Peter Read Miller

About A Photograph : Peter Read Miller
About A Photograph : Peter Read Miller
Think Tank co-founders Kurt Rogers and Deanne Fitzmaurice newest video in the"About A Photograph™" series features Sports Illustrated photographer Peter Read Miller. He narrates the events behind what he calls "my favorite mistake," a striking image captured solely because the dials on his camera were accidentally switched while it was hanging from his shoulder.  And, we're giving away one copy of Peter's new book In Peter Read  Sports Photography.  In it he takes you into the action of many of his most iconic shots, relating the stories behind the photos of some of the world's greatest athletic events, including the Olympics and the Super Bowl. 

Travel Tips from the Experts

Our team of in-house bag experts answer thousands of queries every year from photographers seeking advice on which bags to take in specific situations and how best to pack their gear. They've compiled the very best of their knowledge and the latest tips to successfully navigate today's travel challenges. 

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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Camera Bits Gives Back: Photo Mechanic is celebrating it's 15th Anniversary

Camera Bits Gives Back


This year Photo Mechanic is celebrating it's 15th Anniversary with a monthly #PMturns15 event. For November, they want to say, “Thanks!” to the nonprofit organizations who help make our industry stronger with their dedication and hard work. To accomplish that, PM will donate 15 licenses of Photo Mechanic to the charity who wins the popular vote on this poll. 15 amazing photographic nonprofits have been selected and your votes will choose the winner!
Voting will begin at 5 a.m. Pacific time on November 15 and end at midnight Pacific on December 15. The winner will be announced via PM's social media feeds and Forums. We encourage you to investigate the links below to discover the programs offered by these nonprofits. Please encourage your friends and colleagues to vote all this month and help a deserving nonprofit with just one click.
Thank you for helping one of these great nonprofits with your vote.
To keep it fair, only one vote per computer IP address is allowed. Voting closes at midnight PST at the end of December 15th, 2013.
Learn more about these organizations by checking out these links:
* NPPA Foundation:
* Vision Workshops:
* Light Work:
* HeART Speak:
* Young Photographers Alliance:
* Operation Love REunited:
* The Chris Hondros Fund:
* The Josephine Herrick Project:
* Wish Upon a Wedding:
* Facing Change:
* Photography for a Change:
* International League of Conservation Photographers:
* Photo Philanthropy:
* WPOW: Women Photojournalists of Washington:
* Shoot Off Workshops:

Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Get a major head start on a career in the photo industry. Join Brian Smith and APA New York Chapter Chair Tony Gale in New York on December 7-8, 2013 for a great event for photo students, assistants and emerging photographers – Assistant Basic Training.

You’ll get expert instruction not available anywhere else with panel discussions, equipment demonstrations from industry experts, and hands-on training, attendees will come away with the essential knowledge and confidence to build your own Pro Assistant reputation. Acquire a comprehensive understanding of professional assisting behavioral guidelines, including contemporary set-etiquette, and discover how this valuable training will get you more call-backs – more repeat clients, more work.

Where: Splashlight New York
One Hudson Square, 75 Varick Street, 3rd Floor, New York, NY 10013
When: December 7-8, 2013
DAY ONE: Saturday, December 7, 2013

Kicks off with the popular “Assistant Panel” which includes experts on working as a photo assistant. Get real world answers to all questions from the attendees. Following the panel discussion will be exciting live software and equipment demonstrations with industry reps from Sony, Profoto, and Adobe. Learn from the pros. Industry reps will be on hand to answer all your questions.

Tony Gale – Award winning Photographer, APA NY Chapter Chairman
Brian Smith – Pulitzer Prize-winning Photographer, Sony Artisan Of Imagery
Kayla Lindquist – Director, Sony Artisans of Imagery Program, former Photo Assistant

How should an aspiring assistant approach a photographer?
How did you get your first assistant job?
How do I find photographers to work for?
What rate should an assistant charge?
What is the difference between a tech and an assistant?
How long should I wait to get paid?
Who besides a photographer should I contact to get assisting work?
What do you look for in a photographer you work for?
What should an assistant bring to a shoot?
What questions should an assistant ask when called for a job?
What do you say if asked if you are a photographer too?
What do you do if you have to make a call? Cell phones on set?
Networking and social media?
What non-photo skills should I have? Social Media, blogging, self promotion etc?
How should you dress/appear?
What about mixing male/female assistants?
Travel? Overtime?
Assistants as employees/freelancers?
How and should an assistant be picking up gear and equipment before & after shoot?
Interns? Are they paid?
How much of your own work do you shoot will being a busy assistant?
Questions for the Photographers on the Panel:

When was the last time you used a new assistant?
How did you find them?
What do you look for in an assistant?
DAY TWO: December 7, 2013

Full on, hands-on workshops with much of the gear an assistant will most likely encounter on the majority of professional photo shoots. Many aspects of assisting will be explained in great detail, i.e. strobes, hot lights, flags, scrims, set etiquette, the assistant kit, tips on getting work, billing, and how to deal with the dreaded cancellation. Following classroom discussion and demonstrations, participants will work along side the Pro Photographers to discover crucial pro assisting skills.
Master Assisting Professionalism. Get booked solid.


Feb 22 & 23, 2014: San Francisco Assistant Basic Training with Matthew Jordan Smith and Tony Gale

More speaking appearances by Brian Smith.

Photographer Jeffery Salter: Allen West “Guardian of the Republic”

Former Miami Herald photojournalist Jeffery Salter blogs about his photo session with former member of the United States House of Representatives Allen West for book cover of "Guardian Of The Republic".

When the retired Lt. Colonel Allen B. West roared up to the studio and drove his Honda VTX 1800R retro cruiser inside, my team didn’t know if they should salute or run for cover.
Miami celebrity and portrait  photographer Jeffery Salter
Allan West “Guardian of the People” book cover by Jeffery Salter | Miami Florida
When I mentioned to Rep. Allen that I personally preferred BMW motorcycles, it could have been a constitutional crisis, but we managed to get past that by having both grown up as Army Brats, West’s father was a War World II veteran and so was mine. When West was in the military he was stationed at Fort Hood, Texas which sits next door to an old Sante Fe railroad depot town named Killeen, Tx. which was named after Frank P. Killeen, a manager of the railroad. And that’s where I grew up, throwing newspapers, working at Taco Bell and shooting photos for Ellison High School year book. Go Eagles. Anyway I digress.
I was commissioned by Random House to photograph the take no prisoners, former paratrooper, master Scuba instructor and former member of the United States House of Representatives Allen West.
We chose a very direct approach to the visual style of the photograph. Hard light, minimal shadows and crisp focus to match the personality and the tone of this straight shooting book which is filled with prescriptive politics…basically giving his views on how to overhaul government.
This is an outtake which I toned differently. It’s funny how with time we feel an image differently.
Miami celebrity and portrait photographer Jeffery Salter
Allan West “Guardian of the People” book cover by Jeffery Salter | Miami Florida
Photographer: Jeffery Salter
Art Director: Michael Nagin
Stylist: Melissa Kitchen
Groomer: Olivia Senghor

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

PHOTOSHELTER Webinar: Turning Your Passion into a Lasting Career with David Bergman

David Bergman has made a name for himself for everything from his iconic shots of Bon Jovi on tour to his GigaPan image of President Obama’s first inauguration that got more than 20 million views worldwide. But, this self-professed “band geek” didn’t set out to be a photographer. In fact, he started out studying music production at the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston where, incidentally, he also found himself taking pictures of bands, rather than wanting to play in them.
Photo by David Bergman
Today, David’s work spans from sports to music to politics to video. He’s shot forSports Illustrated,, CBS, The Travel Channel, The Washington PostThe Miami Herald, numerous musicians and record labels, and has even started a series of workshops. In 2010, he logged 25,336 flight miles covering the MLB playoffs and World Series – producing a GigaPan image of each game with such high resolution that fans could tag themselves.
Photo by David Bergman
Photo by David Bergman
By consistently looking for new opportunities and adapting to the environment around him, David has built a successful freelance career doing what he loves – taking pictures and creating amazing images.
In this webinar on Tuesday Nov. 19th at 4pm ET, learn directly from Bergman as he tells his story about jumping from music production major to staff photographer to freelancer, what he’s done to leverage professional relationships, how he’s taken on and learned new techniques to keep his work relevant, and what it’s really like to hang around and photograph a stadium packed show with Bon Jovi — not to mentionteach Bon Jovi himself a thing or two about shooting.

Dos Visiones Photographs Of Havana: Marice Cohn Band & Gary Monroe

Marice Cohn Band & Gary Monroe
Dos Visiones 
Photographs Of Havana 

Photographers Marice Cohn Band & Gary Monroe 

In the Photography Gallery At 
Borders Inc. Fine Art Gallery & Custom Framing

November 23, 2013 - January 10, 2014
Artists' Reception: Saturday, November 23, 2013 6:00-9:00 pm
1601 SW 1st Street, Miami 33135

Sunday, November 3, 2013

FSU Dukes It Out Defeating UM 41-14


Florida State sinks Miami Hurricanes behind dominant second half

FSU outscored UM 20-0 in the second half to pull away at Doak Campbell Stadium as Canes star Duke Johnson was lost for the season with a broken ankle.

Read more here:


The third-ranked Florida State Seminoles are still in the hunt for a national championship.
The seventh-ranked Miami Hurricanes would be grateful for a BCS bowl.
After a first half in which three-touchdown underdog Miami kept the game in reach with two interceptions that led to 14 Hurricanes points, the Seminoles broke the game open midway through the third quarter Saturday and went on to a 41-14 victory.
The largest crowd in Doak Campbell Stadium history — 84,409 — watched Stephen Morris’ second interception of the night, this one grabbed by safety Nate Andrews with 13:11 left in the game, seal the victory. READ MORE HERE

Read more here:

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Old Rivals: Miami and Florida State Meet In Primetime Saturday Night

Today I’m traveling to the battle of the undefeated, which will be played out Saturday evening between the University of Miami, ranked 7th, and rival Florida State, ranked 3rd in the nation at Doak Campbell Stadium in Tallahassee. 

In the meantime, Georgia Bull Dog fans, in town to watch their team play the Florida Gators at the largest cocktail party in the world in one of the SEC’s most bitter rivalries, overrun my Jacksonville hotel. 

 At the beginning of the season I photographed the Hurricanes quarterback Stephen Morris and running back Duke Johnson for the Miami Herald’s Football Season Preview section. My son Jimmy D assisted me during the portrait session. That called for a bit of time-lapse photography to capture the occasion.

Watch This on YouTube for better quality HERE.

Here are a few shots last Saturday's game against Wake Forest at Sun Life Stadium.