Tuesday, August 13, 2019

The Sunday Still: Illuminating Sorrow

Photojournalist Patrick Farrell has joined the blog with his weekly feature, The Sunday Still. Farrell selects one image each week that showcases the best photojournalism by photojournalists from around the world. The feature runs weekly in The Sunday Long Read. The goal of the newsletter, edited by Don Van Natta Jr. and Jacob Feldman, is to put the week’s best journalism in your hands every Sunday morning.
The Sunday Still
from Patrick Farrell

Illuminating Sorrow 

On a weekend when more than 30 people were shot and killed in mass shootings in Ohio and Texas, AP photographer John Locher was tasked with the delicate assignment of photographing a night vigil for victims in El Paso, Tex. He used the ambient glow from handheld candles to light an unobtrusive image of five girls whose collective mourning conveyed the despair that blanketed the nation. The bright blue sky behind the group is no accident; that’s the product of a knowledgeable pro adjusting his camera settings for a perfect exposure.

Patrick Farrell, the curator of The Sunday Still, is the 2009 Pulitzer Prize-winner for Breaking News Photography for The Miami Herald, where he worked from 1987 to 2019. He is currently a Lecturer in the Department of Journalism and Media Management at the University of Miami School of Communication.