Friday, January 24, 2014

Troubleshooting: Videolicious & iPhone Workarounds

Occasionally, uploading a Videolicious file can get bottlenecked using an iPhone at a large venues.  Recently, while at a bowl game in Orlando, Florida, my video did not upload until I left the stadium… after the game. Sometimes its slow at Sun Life Stadium. Connecting to the local WiFi is not always a solution due to firewalls that control incoming and outgoing network traffic. 

Here are a few workarounds when a video file in Videolicious will not upload.
  • When you finalize and export your video using Videolicious a copy is saved in your camera roll. Find the file and email it. That’s what I ended up doing in Orlando and it worked.
  • Sometimes WiFi interferes with your transmissions or Internet searches. Your activity gets bogged down. Try turning off your WiFi connection and rely on the phone service you have. It’s amazing how everything starts popping.
  • For those of you transmitting images on your laptop, remember, just because you are connected to WiFi and surfing at super speeds, you may not be able to upload large images. When this happens, especially on the University of Miami or FIU campus, turn off the WiFi and use Personal Hotspot on your iPhone. The feature must be activated with your phone carrier and there is an extra fee.
  • Finally, once you get good at using Videolicious and want more options, try using an App called Splice to edit then acquire the worked up clips in Videolicious. Works great for me.