Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Reigning Fire: Ring night arrives for Miami Heat, with Bulls awaiting

during Heat Media Day. Photo by Al Diaz 

The 2012 Championship Ring Ceremony. Photo by Al Diaz

Miami Heat targeted as team seeks championship three-peat

The reigning two-time NBA champions open their season Tuesday night, and their rivals are more motivated than ever to topple them.
Mark Cuban, owner of the last team to defeat the Miami Heat in an NBA Finals, recently uttered the names Micky Arison and Al Davis in the same sentence while comparing Arison’s Heat with Davis’ Oakland Raiders.
Chicago Bulls center Joakim Noah has forever called the Heat “Hollywood as hell.”
The Indiana Pacers, which have made losing to Miami in the playoffs an annual event, think the Heat gets away with cheating on defense and believe this so passionately that their coach once paid thousands of dollars in fines to say it publicly. Read more here.