Sunday, August 19, 2012

Big Picture: Opening Night

Photo of Al Diaz with his Angel de Panama by Chuck Fadely
Opening night at the Little Haiti Cultural Center Gallery was a hit. It is also the biggest print of my work I have ever seen measuring 8 feet tall! Here is a gallery of images of friends and fellow photographer's Big Picture, shot with the smallest camera I own, the one on my iPhone. For further information contact:
Lena Sendik
Iris PhotoCollective
Director of Sales and Marketing
Phone: 504-756-1492
The photograph on display is titled Mohawk by Jennifer Kay

At left to right are John VanBeekum, Charles Trainor Jr., Marice Cohn Band, exhibit curator Carl Juste, Al Diaz and Chuck Fadely. AUDIO

Patrick Farrell AUDIO

Charles Trainor Jr. AUDIO
Jon VanBeekum with Marice Cohn Band and her Bandera Vieja AUDIO

At right is John VanBeekum's Tuxedo Man AUDIO
Patrick Farrell, Al Diaz and Chuck Fadely

Many friends turned out for the opening exhibit including Matthew Pace and Paul Morris.

Here is a list of contributing photographers.
Jahi Chikwendiu
André Chung
Marice Cohn Band
Al Diaz
Patrick Farrell
C.W. Griffin
Carl Juste
Jennifer Kay
Heidi Levine
Pablo Martinez 
Joshua Prezant
Les Stone
Charles Trainor, Jr.
Nuri Vallbona
John VanBeekum
Clarence Williams


  1. Very nice. Maybe next time Carl can organize an exhibit that's not so exclusionary.

    After all there are many So Fla photojournalists who do great work but who haven't worked at the Herald. It would be nice if someone gave them credit, too.

  2. Bill, I just added the list of contributing photographers to my last post. Not all are Herald photographers. You can also see the list on the invitation in my previous post.

  3. Al, you got the celebratory feel of the opening - and thanks for including the audio, which is accessible via QR codes for anyone with a smart phone and free QR scanner app. You modestly left out your own, which here

    The gallery is gorgeous - with great natural light.

    RE: Herald staff, naturally, for Carl, his esteemed colleagues are a natural fit, though both here and in earlier shows, "Eclectic" and "I Witness" he drew on photographers far and wide. And audio for those shows can be found here by clicking on the respective shows.