Monday, November 25, 2019

Introducing the Legends Range - 3 Legged Thing's first photo / video hybrid products

LEGENDS - A new tripod range
inspired by the creativity and innovation of pro skateboarder, musician and photographer Ray Barbee.

At present our portfolio consists of two fantastic ranges of tripods: Punks - with a choice of 5 affordable tripod systems, and Pro Range, which is designed for greater strength, stability and versatility. Now, we are excited to introduce our new Legends range - the most incredible tripods we've ever made.

The new Legends range begins with the introduction of two tripods - Mike & Jay, and the AirHed Cine. Building on the success of our Pro Range, Legends takes our unique tripod technology to a new level.
Legends Jay Levelling Base Travel Tripod Kit with AirHed Cine
Legends Jay Levelling Base Travel Tripod overhead
Legends Mike Levelling Base Tripod
Legends Mike Levelling Base Tripod & AirHed Cine
To begin, here's a brief overview of the new technologies shared by the Legends Range tripods.

3 Detachable Legs

As a standard feature of all Legends range tripods, all 3 legs are detachable, enabling them to be used as monopods or boom arms. Using 3LT footwear*, Jay & Mike's levelling base can be used to create a table top/low-level tripod or a foot stabiliser for the monopod. We will shortly introduce a new type of footwear - Vanz - to maximise the potential of this exciting new range.
*additional footwear sold separately


The Legends Range features a combination of our most successful grip technologies. The O-Pads are ring-shaped rubber pads, inset with our famous bubble-grip pattern. The combination of these technologies provides better water dispersion and grip than any tripod in our history.

Rapid Latch

For the first time in our history, we are introducing a sprung latch into our top range. The Rapid Latch was designed to overcome issues for photographers with disabilities, and to enable those wearing thick gloves to easily and quickly manage angles.

Awesome AirHeds

The Legends Range products will be available with a variety of highly innovative new heads. Alongside Mike & Jay we are announcing our first video head - the AirHed Cine - in two varieties:
AHCINE-S with Standard Video plate for use with video cameras
AHCINE-A with Arca-Swiss compatible plate for use with mirrorless and DSLR cameras and big lenses with Arca shoe attachments.


JAY & MIKE are 3LT's first hybrid photo/video products.

The first of its kind, JAY is a carbon fibre levelling-base travel tripod, specifically designed to be compact for transportation. Folding to just 40.5 cm / 15.94 ", JAY is small enough to be stowed in a camera bag or cabin bag.  This allows video and image makers to take JAY with them however far they might travel.

Legends MIKE is our full size levelling base tripod. Designed for incredible stability, MIKE has 3-section legs with a max diameter of 29mm. The contoured levelling base is easy to adjust, with a friction control on the base for fine adjustments.

Both tripods have three detachable legs to enable conversions to monopod & foot stabiliser*, boom, and table-top or low-level tripod*, and feature our Rapid Latch and O-Pad technologies.

*Requires footwear, sold separately
Legends Jay Carbon Fibre Levelling-Base
Travel Tripod
Jay is named after the late Jay Adams, the Dogtown skateboarder, whose style was inspired by surfing, influencing a whole new generation of skaters.

Check out what Jay can do in our new product video above.
Click to learn more about Jay and pre-order
Legends Mike Carbon Fibre Levelling-Base Tripod
Mike is named after one of the original Bones Brigade skateboarders, Mike McGill - inventor of the McTwist, arguably the most iconic trick ever invented.

Check out how Mike can be used in our product video above.
Click to learn more about Mike and pre-order

AirHed Cine Fluid-Motion Head

3 Legged Thing's first head for video and photography, the AirHed Cine is available in two types - Arca-Swiss compatible plate for use with DSLR and mirrorless cameras, or with a Standard Video plate for use with video cameras. With a beautifully contoured magnesium alloy construction, the AirHed Cine features a 360˚ panning base, smooth, fluid-motion tilt mechanism, 1/4"-20 thread for accessory attachment, and a panning arm that can be fitted on either side for right or left-handed operation.

The AirHed Cine will be available as a standalone product, or in kits with Mike & Jay.
Click to learn more about the AirHed Cine and pre-order

Free T-shirt Offer

As an added bonus every Legends Range tripod or AirHed Cine purchased will include a card with details of how to claim a free Ray Barbee Ragdoll T-shirt.

The shirt features our Leonard logo on the front, and a tribute to Ray Barbee's ragdoll artwork on the back, created for us by the super-talented Brooke Thompson, who also created the Legends Range box art.

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